I’m Tamara Luck, a Functional Dietitian and founder of The Luck Wellness Co.!

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I am a science nerd who loves all things holistic and wellness! 

As an Integrative and Functional Registered Dietitian, I am determined to share my vision to empower a generation of health-conscious individuals who live vibrantly in alignment with nature, their mind, and body. I have seen first-hand both as a patient and practitioner how disheartening, disempowering, and disease-promoting our current “health” care industry is. Feeling healthy and vibrant is a basic human right, not something that we should be fighting for.

I always had a natural interest in health and nutrition, growing up with parents in exercise and health sciences fields. However, I quickly realized during my training to be a Registered Dietitian that I wanted to help people BEFORE they were stuck on a carousel of prescription medications and diagnoses. At the same time, I was searching for answers to my own health mysteries through holistic, root-cause medicine. While still training in hospital settings, I started my Integrative and Functional Nutrition training and haven’t stopped since!

my health journey:

Throughout my training to be a Registered Dietitian I felt awful. At 22, I couldn’t sit at a computer for long periods of time without intense sciatic back and leg pain, was severely constipated, started breaking out, had significant weight fluctuations, and had almost daily migraines. I felt lonely, anxious, and depressed. When I looked in the mirror, I cried–I didn’t recognize myself on the inside or outside. 

My friends and colleagues had no idea how much I was struggling and my doctors told me that I was in perfect health. Despite feeling like I was just barely surviving, it appeared like everything was fine. I felt confused, disheartened, and ashamed that I was secretly so unwell while becoming a healthcare provider. 

I knew that I couldn’t live in that state and be an amazing health advocate for others so I committed myself to continue to evolve physically and mentally. I spent hours researching and building a health care team of Functional, Integrative, and Intuitive practitioners to help me address underlying gut overgrowths, parasites, systemic infections, mold exposures, stress, and mindset. 

When I finally felt heard by these practitioners and learned more about my body, the holistic approach resonated with me more than anything I’d learned in my nutrition courses. My transformation gave me the energy and drive to continue to deepen my understanding of the body and commit to advocating for and educating my clients. 

Now that I have my joy and freedom back, I like to stay active by practicing yoga, riding my bike or skiing. To relax, I journal, take walks outside or cook up something in the kitchen to share with friends. 

My Training/Education

In-depth integrative and functional medicine training with a focus on gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune diseases, skin conditions, supplements, herbs, and overall prevention and wellness. 

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AFMC Certified Practitioner | School of Applied Functional Medicine 

Dietetic Internship, Registered Dietitian |Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston 

Completed over 1,200 hours of supervised practice in acute, in-patient facilities, community hospitals, and outpatient settings. 

University of Massachusetts, Amherst | B.S. in Nutrition