My 3 Favorite Things of March 2024

March 24, 2024

Do you feel the hint of spring in the air? I sure do! I spent March soaking up the last of winter by skiing, eating warm, nourishing soups, and embracing the season I used to dread. It amazes me that I went from HATING winter to loving it! Talk about a mindset shift, huh?!

Speaking of mindset shifts, I have loved having deep, meaningful conversations with so many of you about changing how we approach feeding our bodies. Almost all of us were taught to eat less and exercise more to get the body we want. In reality, this usually doesn’t work, especially the more we try it and the older we get. What actually helps is deeply nourishing our bodies – eating enough protein, vegetables, and foods that make us feel good. Believe it or not, this helps with weight loss. If you’ve been feeling frustrated with weight loss or your relationship with food, you aren’t alone.

I am so thankful for my own body that despite my journey with chronic illnesses I have nourished my body enough to have spent a week skiing. Here’s a picture from my trip to Mt. Bachelor in Oregon. Fun fact: the mountain is an extinct volcano! Enjoy my March favorites!

1. Travel Snacks from Thrive Market

When I am traveling I have 2 main food goals –

#1: That I enjoy foods without sacrificing feeling crappy, and while still can sticking to my dietary restrictions

#2: I don’t rely on overpriced airport or ski lodge foods

I stocked up on snacks from Thrive Market and brought them with me to enjoy on the plane and while skiing. Some of my favorite snacks included organic applesauce pouches, chomps beef sticks, protein bars, and Thrive Market paleo snack mix. These snacks were a lifesaver during long layovers or days on the mountain!

2. Apple Cabbage Salad by The Last Ingredient

I love a crunchy cabbage salad! The addition of apples and walnuts is so refreshing and adds great texture. Instead of blue cheese, I opted for feta cheese.

To save time on chopping, I used pre-shredded cabbage.

3. Spring Defense Tonic by Organic Oliva

If you suffer from spring allergies, NOW is the time to start taking action. Taking herbs like nettles before pollen and allergies pick up can help lessen your reactions once allergy season is in full swing.

This tonic contains nettles for allergies, ambrosia for ragweed, lobelia for healthy breathing, and turmeric for anti-inflammatory properties.

Start taking this formula now and increase the dose when starting to experience any allergy symptoms.

~ Tamara

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