My 3 Favorite Things of April 2024

May 2, 2024

I’ll admit that I don’t have any exciting new health obsessions from April. I’ve loved trying out new recipes, mocktails and experimenting with what/how much I’ve been drinking (see above for my mocktail recipe!). 

Otherwise, something I’ve been thinking a lot about is how inspiring it is to be surrounded by people who put effort into being healthier AKA YOU!

I’ve kept coming back to the concept of self-worth and how it transfers to our health. Maybe we’ve seen friends or have struggled ourselves with self-worth in areas like dating, relationships, or a workplace setting. However, I’d argue that it is just as important in health.

In our current world, it’s really, really easy to be unhealthy. I mean, how easy would it be to sit on the couch, scroll on your phone, and order unhealthy food through an app? Even the grocery store is filled with tasty, but nutrient-poor foods. It’s easier to drink a glass of wine than deal with our feelings and actually relax at the end of a stressful day.

On the other hand, being healthy takes effort. You have to actively choose to inform yourself about what is healthy for your body, buy healthy foods, cook and prepare them, take a walk outside, go to bed at a reasonable time, etc. That all takes effort, but in my opinion, is the ultimate act of self-care. It makes me so proud and inspired watching all of you put effort into your health!

Some of you were forced to care about your health after receiving a diagnosis or dealing with a chronic condition. Others want to feel better or prevent disease. Whatever your reasoning is, it is impressive to prioritize your health.

Take a moment to reflect on how awesome it is that you show up for nutrition appointments, choose to nourish your bodies, and actively make choices (no matter how small) to show up for yourself and for your health. I’m so proud!

Here are some things I did for my health this month:

1. Cashew Crunch Salad by Munching With Mariyah

Things I love about this salad:

#1 – how crunchy and refreshing it is

#2 – how customizable it is! Instead of tofu try chicken or shrimp. If you want to make it a more filling meal, add soba noodles or rice noodles

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

2. Simmer Down Tonic by Urban Moonshine

It’s back! If you’ve been with me for a few years, you may have heard me talk about Simmer Down Tonic by Urban Moonshine. I love the company and was disappointed when they stopped making the big bottle of Simmer Down Tonic and then heartbroken when the company was sold (then bought back) and production of all their products stopped for a while. But now both sizes of Simmer Down Tonic are back in stock!

Simmer Down Tonic is an herbal blend that helps you calm down and ease anxiety or overthinking. It’s pretty fast-acting so it’s great to keep on hand for social anxiety and stressful situations (like meetings or doctor’s appointments) or keep it by your bedside to help wind down and sleep at night.

3. Tahini Cookies by George Eats

These tahini cookies are gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free! I love anything with tahini and chocolate so these cookies are perfect for me. Plus the tahini adds in healthy fats and is a great source of calcium!

~ Tamara

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