Mini-Retreat Recap

December 13, 2023

Ever leave somewhere feeling tingly and lighter, yet also grounded and calm? That’s how I would describe my feelings leaving the Mini Wellness Retreat I hosted in Peabody, MA in November. Here’s a glimpse into the magical experience we shared:

Arriving at the Event: 

We started the day with some light snacks (I made these Ashwagandha Bites) and coffee while checking in. Participants were also welcome to grab an affirmation for the day. We introduced ourselves and welcomed everyone into the beautiful space at The Salty Buddha Yoga Studio. 

We started by grounding and expanding into our own bodies.  Evangeline Danei, RYT led a a beautiful, uplifting yoga flow. Her playlists are always the perfect blend of relaxing and energizing. 

Next, we transitioned into a journaling session. We were given a journal prompt by Jess Vincetic, then had time to journal quietly. In between journal prompts, we did a round of breathing exercises – almost like a palate cleanser. We then shared with each other, laughing, crying, and holding space for one another to share and be heard.

Afternoon Sessions:

Then it was lunchtime! We all were obsessed with the Mother Juice breakfast bowls and smoothies. Everything was gluten- and dairy-free and delicious! Then I led a game of “Busting Nutrition Myths” which got us talking about hot topics like colostrum, raw dairy, and saunas vs. ice baths! It was fun to de-bunk some popular TikTok nutrition trends. 

Lastly, we ended the day in sound bath bliss! After experiencing different sound baths, I can attest that Amy from Healing Haus is the real deal when it comes to sound healing! Imagine getting nice and cozy and drifting off into a meditative state where you feel lighter and at peace. I don’t think anyone wanted it to end. 

“I have already recommended it to a friend. Felt awesome , relaxed , nurtured after it. I’d love to get together with the group again – such lovely women! Having the sound bath at the end was brilliant”

~ Retreat Participant

Personal Reflections: A Journey of Growth

This retreat was born out of a simple, yet profound concept: wellness is a mind-body-energetic journey. In my work with clients, I specialize in the “body” component of healing. I focus on nutrient levels, organ systems, and lab work. My lifestyle recommendations always include mindset and energetic healing modalities but often find myself referring out to specialists for these aspects of health. However, I want to make sure that I can provide a safe healing space for all levels of healing. And that’s why including so many different healing modalities was so important to me in planning this event!

In my personal healing journey, this is a concept that I kept running up against like a concrete wall. Supplements seemed not to affect me, progress was very slow, I always had weird body pains and symptoms and I continuously felt frustrated and unheard. Even despite trying to meditate and practice yoga, it took me a while to really “get it”. Without healing my mind, and outlook on healing (and life!) I would never make much progress on the physical side.

Even toxins, inflammation, and infections all carry energetic vibrations that we may be subconsciously attracting or repeating in different areas of our lives. Changing our mind changes our energy which changes our cells which changes our organs which changes our lives. 

Looking Ahead: Future Community Retreats

This experience was so affirming that we are already planning our next wellness retreat! I want to keep the same values at the forefront of all events: Community, inclusion, positivity and of course, wellness! To do this, events will continue to be in person and be limited to a small number of participants. 

“The connectivity of the group was my favorite part. Like minded women, open to community and sharing was awesome. Loved each session too.”

~ Retreat Participant

A Heartfelt Thank You:

To every participant and each of the retreat leaders, thank you for contributing your energy and spirit to make this retreat a resounding success. Your openness and commitment to wellness have left an indelible mark on our collective journey.

See you at the next retreat!



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We work with clients who are dedicated to changing their health. Making dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and taking supplements are part of the healing journey.