My Burnout Story

December 19, 2023

Let’s go back to college, when I was studying Nutrition:

Stuck in Flight or Flight:

I would describe myself as intense, stressed out and a Type A perfectionist. I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect. I took more credits than recommended, added honors credits to my classes, volunteered weekly, ran a volunteer club, had a part-time job, and was a teacher’s assistant for biochemistry. On top of that, I woke up every morning to go to the gym at 6:30 am, partied at least 2 nights a week and tried to keep up with social events.

It was a lot, to say the least. I lived in a constant state of anxiety. I would wake up in a fright, the anxiety already starting before I got out of bed, and continued to stress myself out with the most overwhelming schedule until I fell into bed exhausted at night. And then I did it all the next day.

Physically and emotionally I was doing terribly:

  • The smallest inconveniences or changes in plans sent me into a spiral
  • Struggled to take care of myself because I was “too busy”
  • Constant anxiety, panic attacks
  • Severe constipation
  • Extreme bloating (I couldn’t sleep because of how painful the bloating was)
  • Hair loss
  • Food aversions (from a nervous stomach and gut symptoms)
  • Lost my menstrual cycle
  • Lots of random/weird symptoms – canker sores, pimples on arms, etc

When I graduated college, I broke down, thinking to myself “I can’t believe I just survived that”.

Then the inevitable happened – I crashed

The Crash:

Not only did I crash, but I crashed HARD. This wasn’t a gentle de-stressing, this was an unstoppable, rock-bottom crash.

After running on anxiety and stress for so long, my body was done. It felt like overnight I was a different person.

After my health crash, I experienced:

  • Whole body fatigue, I could never get enough sleep
  • Chronic body pain
  • Unable to get out of bed for hours
  • Couldn’t find the motivation to do daily tasks (laundry, meal prep)
  • Brain fog
  • Daily migraine (yes, literally every day)
  • Lack of motivation/drive
  • Acne on face and body
  • Over 25 lbs weight gain in 1 year
  • Depression and I isolated myself
  • Loss of identity

I cried looking in the mirror because I didn’t recognize myself on the outside or inside anymore. It felt so frustrating to go from feeling like I did it all to barely scraping by. What I didn’t realize was that my body was beat up and tired from the years of stress I put myself through. I didn’t appreciate that my body was asking me to slow down and heal. I tried dragging myself to the gym at 4 am for hours to make up for the rapid weight gain. All it did was stress my body out more.

Slowly, after a year of feeling like I was in a constant fight with my body, I graduated from my nutrition internship and finally had some time off. I booked myself a yoga retreat and started to nourish my body and re-discover (or discover for the first time!) balance. I stopped forcing myself to wake up at 4 am to work out and expanded my diet to eat more nourishing foods. Eventually, I started feeling better, but it was a slow process. It took well over a year for my body to fully recover.


Looking back now I realize how little self-care and stress management tools I had. When I was running on pure stress, meditation or going to a therapist was out of the question because “it took up too much time”. When I crashed, I didn’t have the energy or tools to know what to incorporate into my wellness routine. I attribute my recovery to making major lifestyle changes. I wish I had made those changes willingly, but at the time my body was forcing me to slow down.

Fast forward to now, when I see clients, I have so much empathy for those heading straight for burnout or struggling with the crash. I know how much it changes your life.

I feel some comfort in having gone it through myself and learning the hard way what I could have done to help support my body better.

Here’s what I would have done differently:

During times of high stress, I would have:

  • Talked to someone about what I was feeling
  • Ask for help from friends and family
  • Focus on small stress techniques like deep breathing, journaling, or reading for fun
  • Set boundaries and say no
  • Sleep in on the weekend
  • Take adaptogens for stress and sleep
  • Eat really nutrient-dense foods
  • Start to make lifestyle changes to avoid burning out
  • Work on my gut health

During my crash, I would have:

  • Slept!
  • Limit exercise to walks and gentle yoga
  • Eat a big, nutrient-dense breakfast
  • Take adaptogens
  • Replete nutrient deficiencies
  • Let my body relax instead of trying to fight it as it tried to heal itself
  • Develop a toolbox of stress-reducing techniques

If you are currently in a high-stress situation, headed for burnout, deep in the crash or just dealing with daily life stressors, I hope you found some of your story in mine. Your body is not broken and most of the time, healing is messy.

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