My 3 Favorite Things of May 2024

May 31, 2024

Besides flowers, May brought some exciting things!

Several clients passed parasites, we’ve improved stubborn cases of insomnia, some clients have lost weight by eating MORE and other clients are celebrating getting pregnant! Regardless if your health wins have been big, small, or teeny tiny, it’s important to celebrate along the way!

I am also so excited to be hosting the second Whole Body Healing Retreat on June 15th! Everyone is welcome (men and women, old and young) and it will be a day filled with nervous system relaxation, community, and nourishing food.

On a personal note, I celebrated my birthday, friends’ engagements, and baby showers, had family visiting from out of state, and finally got to enjoy reading outside in the warm sun! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store…

1. Sleep/Calming 430hz Playlist

Did you know that listening to different frequencies can have healing effects on our cells? It’s true! All of our cells are vibrating and when we are sick, inflamed or anxious, they vibrate differently. Listening to healing frequencies or sound baths can help our cells vibrate correctly again. Learn more about sound healing here. This is also why we will be having a sound bath at my upcoming retreat!

I like listening to this playlist as I am reading and getting ready for bed.

2. Paleo Quiche with Potato Crust (GF/DF) by Paleo Running Momma

This quiche has been called “life changing” and “the easiest breakfast meal prep” but different clients. I’ve made it many times with different veggies and types of potatoes. Get creative and add some fun spices or sauces like pesto. I use 8 eggs and cut the quiche into 4 slices. The quiche also keeps great in the freezer.

3. Verveine Cafe – Gluten Free Cafe in Cambridge, MA

A new, fully gluten-free cafe just opened up in Cambridge! There were lines down the street on opening weekend! Boston has been sorely missing a dedicated gluten-free lunch cafe and I’m so excited to go back and try everything on the menu!

~ Tamara

Who do we work with?

We work with clients who are dedicated to changing their health. Making dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and taking supplements are part of the healing journey.