The Best Thing I Did For Blood Sugar

August 30, 2023

Having good blood sugar balance is the key to avoiding inflammation throughout the whole body. Read here to learn more about blood sugar balance and its importance: BLOOD SUGAR FOUNDATIONS BLOG POST

Now that we understand the importance of blood sugar balance, my personal favorite blood sugar balancing hack is this:


We will be focusing on non-starchy veggies for this blog post, which includes all veggies besides potatoes, corn, and peas

Why eat your veggies first?

When you eat veggies, they start to form a fibrous mesh that coats the intestinal lining. Everything you eat after that will digest much slower than if consumed first. This will help prevent a blood sugar spike and crash. Instead, you will experience a healthier, more stable rise and fall. 

See my own blood sugar readings:

I ate the same breakfast 2 days in a row. In the first picture, I mixed lentils and sauteed veggies topped with avocado and hard-boiled eggs. My glucose spiked really quickly! 

The next day I ate the veggies first, then at the remaining food and had no spike at all!

When implementing this strategy, you may also notice feeling fuller and less cravings, especially sugar cravings. This strategy is a win-win-win!

Other benefits of veggies/fiber

  • Prebiotics – The fibers in veggies feed our good bacteria
  • Bowel movements – Eating enough fiber ensures health and daily BMs
  • Antioxidants – All the colors of veggies represent antioxidants. These antioxidants keep our cells healthy and our inflammation low

How to implement this: 

  • Snack on cut veggies like celery, carrots, red peppers, or cucumbers while you prepare your meal

Tip: Add “snacking veggies: to your shopping list each week so you always have these on hand.

  • Eat at least half the veggies on your plate before eating the protein or carbohydrates
  • Start your meal with a small salad
    • Start with something simple like arugula with lemon juice and EVOO or romaine lettuce with Caesar dressing. 

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